Saturday, February 6, 2010


A minister to the Pandya king Varagunavarman II (c. 862 C.E. – 885 C.E.), he lived in Madurai. His work is also called the Tiruvacakam, a book of Shaiva hymns. More on this subject here


Vijay said...

wonderful. water color and this kind of wash effect...superb.


Parimala said...

Very good.

சதங்கா (Sathanga) said...

very nice !

Venkatesh Varalu said...

Brilliant. Could you also add some technical details about the painting?

Suman said...

awesome..i love the shading and that effect of has brilliant shine.. was this done using paints and colour pencils ?

Raga said...

@ Vj, Parimala , Sathanga : Thanks! :)

@ Varalu: Thanks. Sure. Will add more details.

@Suman: Completely using water color. Except for Indian ink on edges.


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