Monday, October 27, 2008

The Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi.

Enjoyed doing this one. Limited time, limited resources.. unlimited satisfaction. :)
Read the brief history here


Sriharsha said...

It's awesome..!!! your truly talented ..

ushaprasad.r said...

very lively - particular;y eyes and smile . All in T nagar

Venkatesh Varalu said...
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Params said...

Awesome piece of work :) You drove an inferiority complex into me yet again !!

Features of the face (esp the smile as mentioned) and other ornaments are xtrmly professional..

Very-well done :) Keep going..

Raga said...

Thanks everyone! :)

ஸ்ரீராம் said...

Hi Ragav,

I saw your sketches. This one is something special!!! really amazing!!!
i have saved this picture in my favorites.
Please teach me on how to excell in sketch drawings!!

Raga said...

Honored. Glad the you liked my work. :)

Humble said...

Looks very good, keep up the good work

Swetha said...

Such a neat output..Marvelous...Continuity is making your attempts better.Keep going!!!

Avantika said...

this one is incredible- I especially loved the dash of colour in shades which were so natural, unlike the gary painting going on in many of the old tamil temples like madurai meenakshi.

Sundar said...

It was an amazing picture, and that too a day b4 janamshtami i found this... Its a treasure i will keep it forever. Keep going. I just simply luv Rajagopalan. My dear he is. :) Gr8 pic again. Am so happy and feel blessed today.

L. Muralidharan said...

Raghavendra Prasad.. No difference between picture drawn (sorry to say that way, HE has come into that) and what we have dharshan in the temple. HE has come to ur system and made this possible.

Why this vaduvur and Mannargudi?

L. Muralidharan said...

We have name our boy as Rajagopalan. He had just finished his X from Jawahar Vidyalaya and trying to branch out to PSBB.

Great work by you.


Raghavendra Prasad said...

@L. Muralidharan:

Thanks for your kind words sir.
Vaduvur and Mannargudi deities are my favorite too.

Best wishes to your son Rajagoplan!

injamaven said...

This was the 1st work of yours I saw. Love the delicate shading.
Do you ever draw North Indian Masterpieces? I love some of the Gupta, Pratihara, Vakataka murthis.

Raghavendra Prasad said...


Thanks! I love Gupta art too. I havent attempted to paint them yet..

Radha said...

Hi.. came across your beautiful sketch of Mannargudi Rajagopalan and was motivated to try one on my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

Abhishek A said...

Really u r true indian artist who keeps his heritage live.. what an masterpiece man !!
(suggesting u a small mistake for this painting, left hand of swamy have 6 fingures.. just want u take care next time)


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