Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vaduvur Ramar -1

First attempt at painting the processional deities of Sri Kodhandaramar temple at Vaduvur.
Despite long hours(almost 3 weekends) I messed up the backdrop and also the detailing.
Disappointed with the outcome. More practice/patience needed I suppose.


Params said...


amazing one.. one of the best ones so far.. The shades of the clothes (green and yellow-golden colors) have come out brilliantly!!!!

Great work da..

Vijay said...

hi Prasad,

You are too harsh on yourself - its really stunning. some more blue and darker green might have brought depth


Ragha Prasad said...

@Params: Thanks da!.

@VJ: I wanted to detail the zari works too.
I accidentally applied too much water on the background and the paper started thinning. Lesson learnt!

Akshaya said...

Hey abi!

This is your "messed up" work?! wow!

I think it's great! :) All of your paintings and sketches are amazing!

Hoping to see many more

Akshaya :)

Ragha Prasad said...

Thanks Akshaya!

alchemister said...

nice work ragha.. i am starting on water colors as well.. will bug you sometime for advice


VV said...

Holy ****. Stunning. If I do not zoom it, it looks like a picture.

Ragha Prasad said...

@Kannan : Thanks! Sure do ping me.

@Varalu: Thanks!

EC said...

Wow...amazing sketches...really love your work...We recently visited vaduvur and mannargudi and am happy to see the sketches here

Ragha Prasad said...

@EC: Thanks much!

EC said...

If you could add a blog follower tab to your sidebar, it would help ur readers like me to stay updated with your posts ..

Ragha Prasad said...

@EC: Thanks for your feedback. Added the friend finder tab.

vmanyan said...

Your rendering of idols iconography is excellent.

Ragha Prasad said...

@vmanyan thanks!

L. Muralidharan said...

Simply superb... Next time when u try, please have a chain with a dollar carrying his name as SREERAMA like the id of the modern days.

I am excited to the core.

Keep it up


Ragha Prasad said...

@L.Muralidharan :
I will definitely keep that in mind. :)
Thanks once again for you encouragement!

Ram said...

Sri Kallazhagar [Madurai]; And - This Sri Vaduvur Sri Ramar; Are The artist Delight To Contend. Would Admire For The First Thought To; get In Art A Least Excellence. Is Itself Is. Draw A Lot Of These Two Famous GOD;In Bright Colour; Clear Frame; Crisp Resolution; And - Perfect A Lot More....Wishes :)


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