Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lady with pots

First overseas painting - A day before classes start :D
Inspired from a ravi varma painitng. Nothing close to it but def a nice attempt.


Gayathri said...

Brilliant :) that lady's face is so innocent...i dunno how u could bring that feel...truly brilliant...

kiru said...

hey i'm completely dumbfounded! :)
Great work ra.. Keep it up!!

Params said...

Dude! If you continue this way, I m skeptical if you ll do ur Doctorate in Painting :)

You're improving massively :)
The painting is truly impressive very close to the original one!
Well done..

P.S> Why don't you give a shot @ the fountain (Purdue) ;) M sure it wud come out well :)

Alagiri said...

May be i want 'my gal' to be like this.. A traditional indian female!!!:P

One word to describe the Painting-'Mainblowing'... Believe me bro,seriously great!!!:)


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